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Work With a Dependable Registered Tax Professional

About Infinity Tax Service

Founded in Mayslick, Kentucky in 2014, Infinity Tax Service has been providing clients all over the United States with quality tax preparation and bookkeeping services at affordable rates. When you choose to hire me, you work with a friendly, detail-oriented, and knowledgeable professional with more than 16 years of experience in the field.

I am a member of the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP). I continually meet the Annual Filing Season Program requirements. 

Our Products

Mission and Vision

My mission is to help individuals and businesses with taxes filing, tax issues, tax questions, and bookkeeping all year round. I believe in keeping things as simple and as easy to follow as possible.

My main goal with Infinity Tax Service is to keep things affordable, reliable, and trustworthy. I believe in keeping my clients first. I will always be there when they need a helping hand.


I’ve held several tax preparation roles, from a mere tax professional and a registered tax professional to an office manager, an instructor, and a business owner. My latest challenge has been growing Infinity Tax Service in both services that are offered and to become a thriving business through my contributions as a business owner.

You can follow my work here on this website and LinkedIn. I truly look forward to each tax season as I love what I do. I also love helping others both individually and within their own business as well a bookkeeper.

I try to make each clients’ experience with that years return easy to understand and painless. I believe in doing what is right for each situation and each client that comes my way. I do not believe that just because a tax season is over then I am unavailable. I will always be available all year round to all my current, past, and hopefully future clients.

I started out in a military town with filing tax returns, so I am very comfortable with multi-state filings, and/or filing for any state in the United States. I have also had experience with filing for US citizens that have not worked or lived in the United States in a tax year as well. I like getting to sit face to face with my clients each year. 

In addition, I am capable and good with remote filing as well. That allows me to help anyone from anywhere, which is the reason why I keep

doing this job.

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