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Discover the Infinity Tax Service Difference!

I am dedicated to providing all clients with top-notch tax preparation and bookkeeping services at affordable rates. Read testimonials from clients I’ve served and learn what sets me apart from other service providers in Mayslick, Kentucky.

“If anyone is a last minute person and still needs their taxes done, message me and I can give you the information for an AMAZING tax person! I swear she's a miracle worker!”

-Heather Silera

“I called my bestie with a tax question and she told me not to stress! She told me to send her everything I have and that she will take care of it all! The best part is, you don't have to be local to her!!! She is in Kentucky and I'm in SC, but she makes the process so easy! She can do a return from any state!!!

Stephanie does Personal and Business Returns as well as accounting for businesses! She even calls the IRS when you get weird mail from them
(like I did) and she had it straightened out in a day!

She just had a client literally bring her their whole filing cabinet! Call Her!!! You won't find better customer service anywhere else! I'm using her for my personal and LuLaRoe Business taxes!”

-A Satisfied Client

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