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Our Virtual Services

Upload Documents Straight To Us!

How To Entrust Your Documents To US! 

*Step #1:  

        Have ALL current year tax documents together (as well as the prior year return if the current year is the first time we are meeting)

*Step #2:

         Download the "Tax Pass" App from Apple Store or Google Pay            (Example of what the app looks like is in the slideshow on the left)

*Step #3:

           Create an account

            There will be a spot that asks for a code it might say "optional" however, it is NOT optional.

             Type in the code "3GRKLPMB" Or take a photo of the QR code      beside this box. (This will link your documents to us!)

*Step #4:

                Follow the steps within the app.  If you've made it this far, YOU  can do it!  We have faith in you! 

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